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Synergy Music is now accepting applications for the 2012 Synergy Music Festival

This world class event is not just a music festival but a cultural phenomenon that features different genres of music each night and showcases a line-up of exceptional emerging talents performing alongside cutting edge artists. With a wide array of performances, attractions, and concession stands, this bustling festival will establish Toronto as an important destination on the music festival circuit, while providing a healthy economic impact and highlighting the characteristics that make Toronto of one of the finest cities in the world.

Synergy Music Festival promises to change the entertainment landmark of Toronto by becoming the premiere music festival in the city that serves to promote a greater understanding and appreciation for the many cultures and musical genres that make up this great country. The festival is expected to be a widely anticipated and popular festival that draws artists and performers from across Canada, the United States and the world... SEE YOU THERE!!

Music being one of the world's most accessible art forms gives us the unique ability to cross economic, geographic and social boundaries. Synergy music embodies such philosophy, shining the spotlight not only on Canadian aspiring artists but artists around the world.

Synergy Music, established in 2010 is a registered non-profit performing arts organization, governed by a Board of Directors. Our mission is to create greater exposure for Canadian artists and ideas, while fostering our local talents and creating a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talents and be recognized.

Founded on the principles to make music compelling, individual expression, empowerment, creative thinking and collaboration. Synergy Music is designed to explore new inroads where Canadian music and arts can flourish and make a courageous difference in the world thereby educating and inspiring artistic development in our youth. We bring together local, national and international artists from diverse cultures and musical genres to create a fusion of culture through music that forms a colossal festival of celebration.

HOPETON BAILEY, Executive Director

DAVE MITCHELL, Festival & Program Director

DEVON SIMPSON, Program Director

COLLEEN ROSE, Marketing & Promotions Director

LERAE JACOB, Sponsorship Director

ANDREA GEORGE-McCOOL, Administrative Director

RAQUEL DAILEY, Volunteer Director


Sponsorship Opportunities - Rising Star Alberta
Sponsorship Opportunities - Festival 2012

Synergy Music Festival affords your company regional and local exposure for their products and services. Our sponsorships are customized to fit your company's goals, whether you seek to maximize your exposure and enhance your image or simply sell your product. It is our desire to address your needs, goals, target markets and budget as a sponsor and provide an integrated program offering awareness, marketing, hospitality and more.

One Great Festival! Three Awesome Nights! Two-Big Stage! Memories to last a life time! And this year, from July 6th - 8th, Synergy Music is sure to attract hundreds of thousands audiences. Make sure your company has a presence by choosing one of our great sponsorship packages. BECOME A SYNERGY MUSIC FESTIVAL SPONSOR TODAY!!

Our customized sponsorship packages include benefits such as cross-promotions, co-sponsorships, web-site advertising, and media exposure through television, radio, print, sampling and signage. Click here to see available sponsorship opportunities.


Ana Do Couto Garcia
Sponsorship Director

VOLUNTEERVolunteer Application

As a not-for-profit organization, Synergy Music actively seeks to build partnerships with public supporters, individuals, corporations and foundations. These groups help by providing philanthropic support and corporate sponsorship that allows the Synergy Music to thrive and grow.

Join our Team!

We welcome over 1000 volunteers to our team each year and we'd love to have you join our crew! It takes hundreds of volunteers to make Synergy Music Festival a reality without their involvement our events simply would not happen. Volunteering is fun, a good way to meet people and contribute to the community while enhancing or learning new skills.

Let's make it happen!

We'll give you a t-shirt, food and drinks and even throw an appreciation party just for you! Please fill in our application to volunteer for Synergy Music Festival.


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